Invited Speakers

Invited speakers

Markus-Christian Amann
Technische Universität München, Germany
Single-mode tunable VCSELs for the 2-4μm wavelength range
Maciej Bugajski
Institute of Electron Technology, Poland
Strain-compensated AlInAs/InGaAs/InP quantum cascade lasers
Rui-Feng Kan
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
MIR TDLAS technology for industrial emission and enviromental monitoring
Peter Kaspersen
Norsk Elektro Optikk, Norway
Laser-based spectroscopy – A success story?
Johannes Koeth
nanoplus GmbH, Germany
Specialized Laser Sources for Sensing in the MIR
Barry McManus
Aerodyne Research Inc., USA
Recent progress in trace gas instrument development at Aerodyne Research, Inc.
Jerry Meyer
Naval Research Laboratory, USA
Advances in Interband Cascade Lasers and LEDs
Józef Piotrowski
Vigo System, Poland
Recent progress in development of mid-IR detection modules for gas analyzers
Gerard Wysocki
Princeton University, USA
Interband cascade laser-based dual-comb multi-heterodyne spectroscopy of small and large molecules
Rui Yang
University of Oklahoma, USA
Recent progress in interband cascade devices