Monday – 04.07.2022
13:00 14:00 Registration, snacks and coffee
Session I Sources and Detectors
14:00 14:05 Grzegorz Sęk Opening address
14:05 14:50 Manijeh Razeghi Light- and Light-Based Technology
14:50 15:10 Fabian Hartmann Mid-Infrared Photodetectors based on Resonant Tunneling Diodes
15:10 15:30 Jukka Viheriälä GaSb - Photonics Integrated Circuit Lasers at 1.9 – 2.7 µm Wavelength Band for Sensing Applications
Session II Cascade Sources
15:30 16:15 Philipp Täschler Ultrashort pulse generation in quantum cascade lasers
16:15 16:35 Nicolas Schäfer Resonant cavity interband cascade light emitting diodes (RCICLEDs) for dual wavelength operation
16:35 16:55 Kamil Pierściński Monolithic, optically-coupled, multi-section mid-IR quantum cascade lasers
16:55 17:15 Coffee break
Session III Gas Detection Systems
17:15 18:00 Peter Geiser TDLAS innovations for industrial applications
18:00 18:20 Matthew Singleton High-Resolution Quantum Cascade Laser Dual-Comb Spectroscopy with Accurate Absolute Frequency Scale
18:20 18:40 Grzegorz Dudzik Highly-sensitive detection in mid-IR using Solid-state Laser Intracavity Photothermal Sensor (SLIPS)
18:40 19:00 Amir Khodabakhsh Broadband Mid-infrared Spectroscopy Based on Supercontinuum Sources: Towards Real-Life Applications
19:00 Conference dinner
Tuesday – 05.07.2022
Session IV Gas Detection Systems
09:30 10:15 Paweł Kluczyński In-situ multi-laser analyzers prove to reduce customer total cost of ownership
10:15 10:35 Miloš Selaković Rapid Spectroscopic Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds With Widely Electrically Tuneable Quantum-Cascade Lasers
10:35 10:55 Grzegorz Gomółka Mid-infrared laser absorption spectroscopy of methane inside hollow core fiber
10:55 11:15 Coffee break
Session V Gas Detection Systems
11:15 12:00 Vincenzo Spagnolo Recent advancement on quartz tuning fork based-spectroscopy for real world applications
12:00 12:20 Mikołaj Piotrowski Flip-chip integration of mid-infrared lab-on-a-chip for gas sensing
12:20 12:40 Piotr Bojęś Analysis of pressure-driven and diffusion-based gas filling methods of Antiresonant Hollow-Core Fibers
12:40 13:40 Lunch break
Session VI MIR Detectors
13:40 14:25 Adam Piotrowski Low cost antimonide-based detectors for mid infrared sensing
14:25 14:45 Andreas Bader Ga-Free InAs/InAsSb Superlattices for Light Detection in the Mid-Infrared Spectral Region
14:45 15:05 Michał Rygała Higher-Order Optical Transitions in InAs/GaSb Superlattices
15:05 15:25 Mateusz Żbik Deployment of a VNA-based test system for characterization of high-volume TO-housed devices
Session VII Cascade Sources
15:25 16:10 Tomasz Czyszanowski Bound states in the continuum in all-semiconductor configurations
16:10 16:30 Josephine Nauschütz GaSb-based Interband Cascade lasers beyond 6 µm
16:30 16:50 Dorota Pierścińska Thermal management of multi-emitter Quantum Cascade Lasers: towards photonic integrated platform
16:50 17:10 Marc Simon Bahr Spectral response of current-modulated interband cascade lasers
17:10 19:00 Poster session with beer
Wednesday – 06.07.2022
Session VIII Sources and Detectors
10:00 10:20 Thomas Grange Simulation of electron transport in mid-infrared QCLs using non-equilibrium Green’s functions
10:20 10:40 Hedwig Knötig Improving Interband Cascade Laser Performance: Mitigating Valence Intersubband Absorption
10:40 11:00 Borislav Petrović InAsSb/GaAsSb/InAsSb W-type Quantum Wells for Interband Cascade Lasers
11:00 11:20 Elena Kniazeva Novel near-IR DFB laser-diodes for gas spectroscopy
11:20 11:40 Anna Lardschneider Interband Cascade Infrared Photodetectors for High-speed Applications
11:40 12:00 Nabeel Wahab Khan Process Optimization of Sulfur Passivated Interband Cascade Infrared Photodetectors
12:00 12:20 Paweł Adamiec Lidar echo emulator to characterize a lidar detector chain
12:20 13:15 Lunch break
Session IX Frequency Combs
13:15 14:00 Benedikt Schwarz Integrated mid-infrared semiconductor laser frequency combs
14:00 14:20 Grzegorz Soboń Compact, stabilized, fiber-based mid-infrared frequency comb tunable from 6.5 to 9 μm for Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
14:20 14:40 Łukasz Sterczewski Frequency modulated comb generation in quantum well laser diodes
14:40 15:00 Coffee break
Session X Gas Detection Systems
15:00 15:45 Karol Krzempek Photothermal gas detection techniques
15:45 16:30 James Scherer MIRA: An Ultrasensitive MIR-Laser-Based Gas Analyzer Platform for Fixed, Handheld, Drone and Mobile Applications
16:30 16:40 Grzegorz Sęk Closing remarks

Poster session

R. Buczyński, J. Cimek, I. Kujawa, P. Gołębiewski, A. Filipkowski, R. Stępień, G. Sobczak, K. Krzyżak, K. Pierscinski, R. Kasztelanic Development of mid Infrared optics with ZBLAN glass using hot embossing technique
Vladislav I. Sevostianov, Lei Tao, Nathan P. Li, Josh Collins, Mark A. Zondlo UAV N2O Sensor for Agricultural Flux Measurements
H. S. Mączko InAs/GaSb Type-II Superlattices for Mid-Wavelength Infrared Photodetectors - Modeling with the nextnano++ Software
T. Sato, B. Petrovic, S. Birner, T. Grange Multiband k∙p Simulation of Confined States in Interband Cascade Lasers
S. Vervoort, M. A. Pitir, M. Wolff QEPAS Module for a Mach-Zehnder modulated OPO
G. Sobczak, D. Pierścińska, A. Kuźmicz, K. Chmielewski, K. Krajewska, P. Gutowski, P. Mitura, M. Nagowski, K. Pierściński Long-wavelength (10+ µm) quantum cascade lasers based on InAlAs/InGaAs/InP heterostructures
A. Broda, G. Sobczak, D. Pierścińska, A. Kuźmicz, K. Pierściński Development of Single-Mode Wide Tunable External-Cavity Quantum-Cascade Laser at 5 µm
K. Ryczko, G. Sęk Modelling the electronic structure and optical properties of interband cascade lasers on InP substrate
Tristan Smołka, Monika Mikulicz, Michał Rygała, Mikołaj Badura, Adriana Łozińska, Damian Radziewicz, Beata Ściana, Marcin Motyka MHCG gratings as active mirrors for surface emitters in mid infrared
A. Łozińska, M. Badura, B. Ściana Influence of the waveguide construction on fundamental mode confinement and optical losses of the quantum cascade laser
N. Stalmach, G. Dudzik, P. Bojęś, P. Jaworski, P. Kozioł, W. Belardi, K.Krzempek Trace Gas Detection with Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy Utilizing Antiresonant Hollow-Core Fibers
D. Tomaszewska-Rolla, G. Soboń Optical frequency comb covering the 3.5-5 μm range for Fourier transform spectroscopy
W. Głowadzka, T. Czyszanowski Quality factor enhancement in low refractive index contrast subwavelength gratings
M. Janczak, R. P. Sarzała, M. Dems, A. Kolek, M. Bugajski, W. Nakwaski, T. Czyszanowski Threshold operation of quantum-cascade vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Monika Mikulicz, Michał Rygała, Tristan Smołka, Mikołaj Badura, Adriana Łozińska, Damian Radziewicz, Beata Ściana, Marcin Motyka Hybrid Metal-DBR Mirrors Designed for Mid-Infrared Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers